Please pardon the mess whilst we transition from our old, worn website to this shiny, new website. Every attempt is being make the move as easy as possible on our customers as we migrate, item by item, to our new home. You can return to the old website at any time by clicking the Original Website link at the top of every page. Thank you for your patience.

If you happened to be on of our visitors to our website around the 22-24th of April you might have encountered this wonderful little message when you tried to purchase just about anything we make that included a solid brass nameplate.

We have NO IDEA what went wrong in our shopping cart code on those items. We had been gloriously lax in updating anything this spring. And almost as baffling is that we don't really know what we did to fix it. We just re-entered the code for the adding the plates to the items and it "magically" went back to working.

We hope we fixed all of the errors. If you still encounter such an error (or have any other problem purchasing an item from the site) please call us at 859-234-9905 BOTH so that you can get what you need AND that we will be alerted to the problem.

It must have been that Mercury Retrograde thing we hear people talking about...