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Leather halters break. It is a fact of life. Broken halters can either be repaired or replaced. That choice is a simple matter of economics.

Many good halters get tossed out because most areas just simply do not have someone around that can fix them (or at least someone who will fix them at a price that makes sense).

Even in doing halter repairs at our own shop, we recognize the the reality of cost. Is it worth the shipping expense to repair one or two halters? Is it worth the trouble to keep up with broken halters until the pile is big enough to make it worth that shipping expense? Is a halter even worth fixing?

We are now offering a line of "do-it-yourself" halter repair parts. As they catch on, the list of available parts will grow. In the meantime here is our selection of the parts that we have designed so that you can fix your own halter, both reliably and economically.

All parts, unless otherwise noted, are available in either harness leather as is used in our turnout halters or in dark oiled bridle leather as is used in our stable halters and dress halters.

Adjustable chin straps: Many tack shops offer replacement chin straps for halters. All that we have seen have a major flaw - the repair chin strap is not anchored on one end to the cheek square allowing the chin (in particular the buckle) to slide around increasing wear and actually affecting both the function and safety of the piece. We have incorporated a fixed loop on the buckle end of the chin piece. This fixed loop allows the chin and the buckle  stay firmly in position. Just choose a size and color. The sizes are based on what is incorporated into our own halters, but are generally considered pretty universal. All chin straps include a brass buckle and a leather keeper.

$10.00 each


Replacement Buckle Piece: Buckle pieces are one of the most common parts that break or come apart on a halter...they get a lot of wear and stress under the best of circumstances. Our simple design allows you to replace a buckle piece using only a flat-head screw driver and optionally a pair of pliers since it is held together with one included chicago screw. You may also want to add a dab of glue or plumbing tape on the screw threads to "lock" the screw in place. Available with or without a solid brass crown buckle.

Buckle Piece ONLY
$2.00 each


Buckle Piece COMPLETE
$4.00 each



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