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This extra-tough, doubled and stitched 1-1/4" harness leather halter has an adjustable chin and handy, heavy-duty throat snap for easy on and off. Also features brass plated hardware. Average draft horse size. Available in russet or black.

$74.50 each



Personalize your halter with an engraved brass nameplate!

Nameplate will be riveted onto the halter's left cheek.
Only $5.00 extra for single line plates or $6.00 for two line plates.

To order:

  1. Add a halter to your shopping cart.
  2. Add a name plate to your shopping cart.
  3. Repeat for each halter ordered.
  4. We may email you to verify that we understand which plates go on which halters. Our shopping cart can be a little confusing in this process.
  5. NOTICE: When deciding what to engrave on your plate, remember that "less is more". Crowding in information (sires, dams, long association names) makes the print smaller and therefore makes your plate more difficult to read. While we do not enforce a "hard cap" on engraving, it is best to not go over 20-25 letters and spaces per line. We will not be held responsible for any perceived lack of quality when a plate exceeds these guidelines.
  6. On that note: Two line plates will be engraved as "best fit". We do our best to assure quality and "readability", but we cannot guarantee either.

Single Line Brass Name Plate

Two Line Brass Name Plate


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