Please pardon the mess whilst we transition from our old, worn website to this shiny, new website. Every attempt is being make the move as easy as possible on our customers as we migrate, item by item, to our new home. You can return to the old website at any time by clicking the Original Website link at the top of every page. Thank you for your patience.

C&W Western Horse, which runs, is first and foremost a leather shop. We manufacture literally hundreds of halters each and every month. The rest of this stuff we sell is practically a hobby.

We also do a few repairs on the side. If you have some halters or other "strap goods" that you need repaired just send them to us and we will fix 'em right up. We can fix most any type of leather halter and many other tack items very economically.

After we repair your items we will dip them in mineral oil unless you instruct us not to. This oil dip quickly softens and re-conditions the leather and can add years to its life. Oiling will darken many leathers to one degree or another, so make sure that if you give us an item that must remain its current color it is marked to let us know not to oil it.

Leather Halters: All items should be sent to us relatively clean. While a little dust and dirt won't hurt us, we would rather you not send us the manure from the pasture (we have our own) where you found the halter. Items sent in such condition will either be returned un-repaired or at the very least you will be charged for us to clean it.

On "new-looking" halters we will do our best to match the color of the leather. Dark halters will be repaired with dark leather. However, due to natural variances in leather color from tannery to tannery plus the limits of our own inventory we cannot guarantee a perfect match. We will match the style of the halter as best as we can unless otherwise instructed (i.e. a rolled throat will usually be replaced with a rolled throat).

On "older-looking" halters we generally do the repairs in harness leather unless you instruct us otherwise. Harness leather is just easier for us to work with. On these more worn halters we generally ignore the original style of the halter and do the repairs in the most economical fashion for you unless instructed otherwise (i.e. a rolled throat will be replaced with a flat throat).

Nylon Halters: We do not stock nylon strap and our machines aren't the right type to sew it anyhow. If you send us a nylon halter we will replace any broken pieces with leather. Oh yeah...the manure rule applies here too.

Bridles & Other Tack: We will do our best to match the color and style of your headstall. Frequently when repairing newer headstalls we must order the necessary parts to give you the best match. Older "work" headstalls will be fixed in the most economical fashion. Strap goods such as leads, hobbles, harness, etc. will generally follow the same guidelines. However, please understand that we are a small shop and do not have the resources to repair some "fine-tack" items such as English tack, show harness (we don't even own a spot setter) or shaped items such as many breast collars.

Saddles: We do not work on saddles - don't ask.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 859-234-9905 and ask for the repair guy. The best time to call is between 9AM and 1PM eastern time.

Send your halters and such to

C&W Western Horse
58 Peak Lane
Cynthiana, KY 41031

Be sure to include instructions with your name, return address, phone number, and your Email address. It also doesn't hurt to include an "inventory" of the items you send us. That way if you send us 6 halters you will be more likely to get 6 back (we are staffed by humans). Any special instructions for an item (see above) should be attached directly to the item (an index card and a roll of scotch tape works wonders). If we feel that an item cannot be repaired "worth the money" we will Email you before we fix it. After the repairs are done we will invoice you via Email with a PayPal billing link. When you receive the invoice you are welcome to pay it over the phone if you prefer.