Please pardon the mess whilst we transition from our old, worn website to this shiny, new website. Every attempt is being make the move as easy as possible on our customers as we migrate, item by item, to our new home. You can return to the old website at any time by clicking the Original Website link at the top of every page. Thank you for your patience.

About Our Online Store... is owned and operated by Wes Forsythe Internet Services d.b.a. C&W Western Horse of Cynthiana, KY.

C&W Western Horse is a small, family owned leather shop out in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it is adjacent to our farm. No, we do not operate out of our garage. While we have retired from the horse show industry (ask anyone in central Kentucky about the old C&W Western Horse Arena) we still own a few horses. While our farm life now revolves around the cattle industry, horses will always hold a special place in our heart.

Despite all the stuff you see on our website, about 75% of our gross sales come from our own hand-made leather items. We mention this only to explain why we don't always maintain a large inventory of every product we offer on our site. Our leather is what we are best known for and it is definitely what we are good at.

No warranties are either expressed or implied other that what appears specifically in either the description on this web site or on the packaging of the product.

We ship only to the continental United States. Because of our flat rate shipping policy  we will ship your order via the most economical rate for us. This usually means USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground Service or possibly FedEx ground, but we may bring it to your house if we happen to be driving by. We can ship to Alaska and Hawaii but additional shipping charges will sometimes be required.

Due to the nature of our purchasing processes and our flat rate shipping policy we reserve the right to limit quantities or cancel backorders at our discretion.

We ship as soon as we can. This may sound a little vague but because many of our items are hand made by us or by other craftsmen and we are not a large company our inventory will vary wildly. We try to ship all orders within 7 days. Basically about 1/3 of our orders ship out the same or next day, 1/3 ship out within 2 to 3 days, and the other third generally manages to drag itself onto the truck in about a week. Because we charge a flat rate shipping amount we frequently will hold orders of multiple items until they are complete if it can be done in a what we think is a reasonably timely manner. We will do our best to inform you if we foresee any delay beyond what has been specified here. If you must receive your order by a certain date please inform us of that at the time of the order.

We accept returns of new defective merchandise. However, since we specialize in hand crafted leather goods certain compromises must be expected. For example: While we feel our leather halters will compare to any made, no leather halter is made to stand up to the force of a 1200 pound horse rearing back against it for more than a few seconds. Leather halters and tack are by definition designed for style, comfort and safety. If upon inspection of your merchandise from us you find a flaw in either materials or design that you feel will compromise the product, you may return the product to us for either a replacement or refund. Whenever a flaw or defect is covered by the original manufacturer's warranty, that warranty supercedes our own return and exchange policies.

Used items that fail may generally be returned for repairs or replacement only if a warranty is provided. The manufacturer's warranty policies must be followed.

All refunds for items ordered online through this site are issued via PayPal. PayPal is our only  online credit card processor. Because we use PayPal we never actually take possession of any of your credit card information, however, PayPal DOES credit non-account holders direct to their credit card. Our offline (phone) orders are also processed through PayPal

  • New items that are returned that are not defective may be subject to a 20% restocking fee at our discretion if a refund is requested.
  • Personalized/special order items are generally not returnable unless stated otherwise in the description.
  • You should always contact us via Email or phone before returning any item for either refund or credit.
  • Shipping fees incurred up to our actual cost may be held unless the item is not as described on our site.

While the 20% restocking fee may sound high to some people a quick search of our competitors has shown that it is about standard for similar businesses. Because of our flat rate shipping, we sacrifice part of the "profit" on nearly every item we sell from this site when it goes out the door. Relatively few orders we ship actually cost us $7.50 or less to ship. This means that when an item is returned we have not only lost the sale and the time and materials used to process the order like other places, but most of the time we have lost actual shipping costs and the restocking fee helps us recoup at least part of this loss.


Due to the overwhelming number of Reinsman bits that we offer we understand that it is very easy for you to order the wrong bit. We will accept returns of Reinsman bits for refund or exchange within 60 days of purchase and provided that the bit's tags are kept intact with the bit. While we generally will not require a restocking fee on Reinsman bits, shipping and handling charges will be deducted.

Absolutely no returns will be accepted after 60 days! Unless specificically allowed by manufacturer warranty.

Our business is located at:

C&W Western Horse
58 Peak Lane
Cynthiana, KY 41031
phone 859-234-9905
hours: Monday through Thursday 9AM till 4PM EST.