Please pardon the mess whilst we transition from our old, worn website to this shiny, new website. Every attempt is being make the move as easy as possible on our customers as we migrate, item by item, to our new home. You can return to the old website at any time by clicking the Original Website link at the top of every page. Thank you for your patience.

We are just a little "hole-in-the-wall outfit." We do not have a large warehouse or any real buying power. Our prices reflect an honest mark-up that we can live with. Since we cannot always beat (and have found we sleep better if we do not give it a lot of thought) the prices of our larger online and mail order competitors we have carved out our own niche as it were.

We charge $7.50 handling per order to ship your stuff. It's that simple.

  • Order one tube of wormer...$7.50
  • Order one hundred tubes of wormer...$7.50
  • Think of it as a built-in quantity discount: The more you purchase at one time, the more you save.

There are of course certain drawbacks to this policy. 

  • Because the $7.50 is all we get to cover our shipping and handling costs we almost always try to ship all orders complete. This may mean your order goes out a few days later while we scramble to fill in any items we didn't have on the shelf.

  • The $7.50 covers only the continental United States. That would be defined as...

  • Alaska and Hawaii usually cost us a lot more to ship to. Funny how that works. Orders from these states can usually expect to receive an Email with a bill for additional shipping costs. Don't think it's fair? Let us know and we will cheerfully refund your order. We have, however, become quite adept at fitting a lot of stuff into Priority Mail's Flat Rate boxes so it a chance.

  • We ship via either Fed Ex Ground, Fed Ex Smart Post, or USPS Priority mail depending on the size of the order and the economics involved. We cannot always tell that you cannot get USPS packages at a ground address...funny how that works too. If your physical address is different from your postal address it would probably be a nifty idea to let us in on it.

  • We do not ship outside of the United States. Period. It is expensive and requires a lot of paperwork and manpower and we are just too busy on the farm to mess with it. And if we ever do start shipping outside of the U.S. you can darn well bet it will cost you more than seven fifty.

  • Certain items on the website are "flagged" in bold print that they take extra time for any number of reasons (i.e. We have to make the darned thing). We usually hold these orders until they are complete too. Please consider that when ordering.
  • As we do not have a daily "express" package pickup, we do not offer Next Day Air service or the such. We will do what we can with what we have to work with whenever we can but we are "not that company".

Most of all: If you do not like dealing with small, "mom & pop" businesses then you may not like us. We tried getting "big" and found it tedious with too much paperwork. We have a lot more fun filling orders in the morning and then riding a tractor the rest of the day.